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Art Tutoring

If you are looking to learn a new skill, hobby or just find a peaceful environment to meet new people, then an art class is the right way to go. I have worked with a variety of local community groups and businesses to offer my expert knowledge and skills to those who want to get creative in a safe and social setting and participate in mindful art classes. I offer online lessons or can teach in-person if you’re local to Plymouth. So, if you are a company that would like to introduce something different to enhance well-being at work, an individual with specific aims, or a community group that is interested in starting lessons, just give me a call today.

Mindfulness Art Classes

Mindful art is an imaginative form of meditation that anyone can participate in. Whether you are an experienced artist, meditator or just have a curious interest, this is the perfect practise for you! During the classes you will learn and develop a range of techniques that you can apply to everyday life. The classes focus on the following:

The Benefits of Mindful Art

Mindfulness art classes offer a vast range of advantages which are used to help improve the overall mental health and wellbeing. Just a few of the benefits include:

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